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About Us

PesaBook is a Ledger Book - Replace your traditional notebook ledger by new digital ledger PesaBook.

It is 100% Safe, Secure and Free for all types of businesses to maintain their customers' accounts.
Shop owner can use the app to record credit and debit transactions for their trusted customers and can accept digital payments.

On the Phone

It is easy to grow your business with PesaBook

3 times faster return on credits with FREE payment reminders

With Payment Reminders feature, an automatic SMS is sent to your customers everytime a transaction is recorded - for FREE!

Business in your Pocket

Manage all your businesses and customers through one app - where all transactions are always automatically updated. Enjoy stress-free business! Save precious hours by updating daily business accounts in minutes

Report generator

Download and share reports generated by Pesabook for every customer. Maintain an accurate record of all your credits and debits.

Automatic Data Backup

Protect your business records from damage or loss of phone. All your transactions will be backed up online automatically. Log in to your account from a new phone and access your records.


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