5 Most Lucrative Business To Start With Little Capital in Nigeria or Egypt

Are you looking to start a low capital business in Nigeria, Egypt, or any part of Africa and the Middle East?

Then, this article is specially created for you.

There are several opportunities, I repeat, several! for anyone to become an entrepreneur and build an innovative product or service that promises any dedicated entrepreneur enormous return on investment.

We have collated a list of the five most lucrative and low capital businesses, and they include:

  • AGRICULTURE: As a small-time entrepreneur, you do not need a huge space to get into agribusiness. However, you must first determine the particular agribusiness that you want to start, depending on your location and your target audience. This could be Poultry Farming, Goat Farming, Rabbit Farming, Vegetable Farming, or Snail Farming,

  • MINI-IMPORTATION: Here, you can import goods like fashion items, electronic gadgets, children’s toys, jewelry, from places like China or Turkey. This requires your smartphone or a personal computer, a valid contact address of a good supplier, and a marketing plan.

  • FOOD & GROCERY DELIVERY: If you have good culinary skills, you can prepare and deliver food of any kind to those who can afford your services. This requires you to have a good and clean kitchen, and a marketing plan. In addition, you can choose to shop groceries for people, and get paid however you want.

  • INTERIOR DECORATION: With this business, you get to use your creativity to furnish the interiors of houses, rooms, offices, etc., and if you are really good, the opportunities are boundless. As a starter, you need to have an Instagram Page or website that shouts, STYLE! and also a marketing plan.

  • LAUNDRY DELIVERY: In this day, many people have very little time to do their own laundry properly, and with very small financial capital, you can help them solve this problem and make their lives easier.

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